Chocolate that tastes just like that


Why SwissOne? The name SwissOne means back to the roots of Swiss chocolate art. Swiss chocolate with a lot of aromas thanks to more cocoa and less sugar from expertly roasted cocoa beans.

Back to chocolate, which tastes just like that.



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For Charlie 

Charlie and the chocolate factory 

“No, it wasn’t the film based on Roald Dahl’s fantastical story starring Johnny Depp that put the idea into my head. Although in a way, it was. This is how it happened: I grew up in a household where quality food and healthy eating were a top priority. My mother was very strict about not eating too much sugar. As a “late boomer”, I became a father at the age of 48, and because my wife was very career-minded, I had the chance to be a househusband during the first few years of my daughter’s life. It goes without saying that we wanted Charlie to enjoy a healthy, natural diet, so I focused on serving up balanced, Mediterranean-style dishes right from the start. Not averse to munching on a chocolate or two now and then, I noticed how increasing industrialisation was making our Swiss chocolate move further and further away from its roots, and how the sugar content went up as the cocoa content went down. Having worked in the confectionery sector in Australia for many years, I remembered the experience … and bingo! The idea of an original Swiss chocolate based on the traditional art of chocolate-making was born.”


Vernon Stuber, Founder

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Welcome back, chocolate! 

This bite, this harmonious melting paired with a bouquet replete with flattery for the palate! Who knows if Rodolphe Lindt foresaw the multitude of blissful moments he would elicit when he invented the technique of chocolate conching a good 150 years ago, thereby setting new standards worldwide with his chocolat fondant créé à Berne (melting chocolate created in Bern). What has remained is the reputation of Swiss chocolate, and the know-how. Neither new times nor the advance of industrialisation have been able to shake that. And now Swiss chocolate is back again, great as before, indeed peerless!

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Fairness tastes best 

The diva among all tropical trees is Theobroma cacao – the cocoa tree. Harvesting the pods isn’t easy: it’s laborious work, all done by hand. Moreover, it is essential to pick the fruit at the point of ripeness that delivers the optimum aroma. By offering our cocoa farmers excellent working conditions and fair prices in line with the recommendations of the Fairtrade-focused Max Havelaar Foundation, we ensure that they take good care of our cocoa. We maintain a relationship of mutual appreciation with our Swiss production partner, so we know exactly which farmers and cooperatives our raw cocoa comes from. This combination of sustainable value chain and personal contacts enables us to meet high quality standards.

Havelaar Fairtrade Cocoa.jpg
Hacienda mit Kakaobohnen 2 Ecuador 2010.

Cocoa tree


Cocoa drying


Roasting and manufacture 

United specialists in the house 

Our production partner has been manufacturing chocolate for over 90 years – in Switzerland, naturally. Which means it ranks amongst the pioneers. Its experience, expertise and know-how are correspondingly vast and almost unrivalled – an advantage that proves invaluable from the very first production steps such as the roasting to extract from the cocoa beans the fullness of their aromas. The same applies to the many ensuing steps – up to the moment when chocoholics can savour that melt-in-the-mouth moment. 

Swissness guaranteed 

Cocoa Luxury SA is wholly Swiss-owned: all our products, including the packaging, are made entirely 

in Switzerland. The only imported ingredients are the premium-grade cocoa beans and select almonds for the brittle.

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Quality control



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The collection

SwissOne is a Swiss chocolate cult: pure pleasure for the palate, the result of countless years of development long ago. It contains a great deal of top-quality cocoa, premium ingredients, pure cocoa butter without any added fats, and only a moderate amount of sugar. The original art of Swiss chocolate-making has thus been revived for the modern era.

SwissOne Milk 

Primus inter pares

Our original one: milk chocolate with 48% cocoa content. Full, harmonious taste. Luscious, delicate consistency. Creamy, melt-in-the-mouth smoothness. Aromas that develop over time perfuse the palate to create a delightful cocoa bouquet.

SwissOne Milk 48% Cocoa1.png

SwissOne Nougatine 

Our snappy one 

SwissOne Milk, enriched with 15% nougatine. A blend that combines a creamy milk chocolate experience with the sensual crunch of the finest honey and almond brittle. For which we use only Swiss quality honey, naturally. 


SwissOne Dark 

Our uncompromising one 

Dark, exquisite, bitter-sweet. Your direct ticket to chocolate bliss. The authentic cocoa taste reveals itself immediately and unmistakably. In all its fullness. With a finely balanced, long finish on the palate.

SwissOne Dark 70%.png

SwissOne Dark Krunchy


The crunch feeling par excellence, wrapped in our authentic and smooth 48% milk chocolate and gluten free cornflakes.

Its light taste, combined with the crispness and delicate chocolate, is a real winner. 


We use only the purest, most select ingredients and the most sophisticated technologies to produce the best, finest chocolate. There’s pure cocoa butter in every bite, NOT just some added vegetable fat.

Cocoa Pods SwissOne


Cocoa bean trivia

  • Nowhere else has nature provided such a concentration of high-value nutrients in such a small space as in the cocoa bean. 

  • Chocolate is rich in nutrients and minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus and contains trace elements of iron and copper. It also contains vitamins A, B1 and B2, C, D and E. 

  • Cocoa is a rich, natural source of magnesium (500 mg/100 g). 

  • The benefits of cocoa have been known for over 2600 years. The Aztecs in Mexico used it to brew a strength-giving drink called Xocolatl. 

  • Cocoa also contains secondary plant substances, compounds that combine to act as antioxidants. They help relax the artery walls. 

  • Dark chocolate improves the endothelial function and reduces arterial stiffness in healthy young adults. 

  • Eating chocolate causes the same chemical reaction in the brain as strong anxiety-suppressing drugs. 

  • Chocolate contains a lot of tryptophan, an amino acid that the body converts into serotonin, which triggers feelings of well-being and happiness.

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